Complete Care Home Branding and Marketing

Starting with branding design we produce a range of marketing materials that are specifically designed with the needs of care homes in mind. From websites and welcome packs to signage and uniforms we design and supply brand identities.

Business Cards, Headed Paper and Compliment slips

Once you have established your brand identity the next logical first step is to get stationary produced. Business cards, letter heads and compliment slips that maintain a consistent brand identity to potential and existing clients.

Welcome Packs

Customised to each home our welcome packs are a very effective way of conveying important features and important information of your home to potential residents and residents that have just joined you. Each stepped sheet contained in the enclosing folder can be customised to your requirements – a few example titles are. Directions, General Information, Why Choose Us, Terms and Pricing.

Uniforms and Staff Recruitment Packs

Well branded and colour coded uniforms give the correct impression to residents and their families. They also show staff that you care about them.
Helping to recruit the best staff is buy impressing upon them the care and attention to details and time that is put into new recruits. Staff recruitment pack are also easily adapted to induction packs for new members.


Change of address, thank you and deepest Sympathy cards are a friendly and personal touch to some communications

Posters, Leaflets and Vouchers

Useful for temporary display advertising and for handout material

Care Home Photography

A vital part of almost every marketing campaign is good photography. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to produce outstanding photography of care homes and their residents.