Amefa asked us to design budget, middle and top of the range packaging layouts for their latest collection of cutlery.
Not a service you typically find within a concept design company but at Cydney Lily we can reassure you that if your brand needs to include the specialist design skills for packaging then we have this covered as well.The ability to work and communicate in 3D is vital in the creation of successful packaging design.Each and every product requires a different solution so our understanding of production processes, manufacturers, print processes, packaging design, on-shelf display considerations, and logistics are all skills that we draw on in creating successful and cost-effective packaging solutions all within our expertise.Packaging identifies your brand, communicates with the consumer, presents your image, and must display your product but also provide instructions for its use. Above all, it distinguishes your product from your competitors with design, colour and shape. Great packaging design not only attracts the customer to product but also clearly denotes the emotional connectivity that they will have from using the product.We offer a comprehensive service from concept design, art working, production proofs, materials consultancy and copywriting.Pacagingfile23 Pacagingfile