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Signage is the one piece of marketing that works 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  If it has the right visual impact it will draw in prospective clients and confirm to existing clients the professional status of your business within an area. The impact of a new brand image will be greatly enhanced by the quality of your sign writing therefore it is vital to extend what you have created inside to the outside.Most businesses in our experience benefit from excellent passing trade but sometimes forget to utilise this added marketing tool to its full potential. With our help and expertise Cydney Lily will develop your image to incorporate signage plus work closely with your sign writing company to guarantee your new image is on brand, accurate and exactly as you imagined. This will save you time and the expense of a sign being created that just isn’t portraying the right image.
Sign Design and Printing
Good sign writing is Advertising 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Does your signage convey the right image  to the passing public who may one day be in need of your services?
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Sign Design and Printing
Business signs - design, printing and installing
Installing a sign design

Our Sign Design Process

Working with our sign team, we take photos of old signage and possible new signage locations, we then superimpose sign designs to incorporate your new logo and make the most of the space. These files are then sent to you for feedback and approval, we then meet at the location with our sign team to discuss your requirements and how our design would best sit. Our high res files will then go direct to the signage team. All throughout this process you never lose sight or control but the hassle and worry is taken out of your hands! It costs just as much to have a bad sign as a good sign!

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